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Dr. Nussbaum’s Recommended Reading List

Here is an evolving list of my favorite books that you might find interesting.

The Scalpel and the Soul (A. Hamilton 2009) TarcherPerigee Publishing

Inside the Brain (R. Kotulak 1997). Andrews McMeel Publishing

Magic Trees of the Mind (M. Diamond 1999). Plume Publishing

Fingerprints of God (B. Haggerty 2009). Penguin Publishing

Buddha’s Brain (R. Hanson and R. Mendius 2014). Brilliance Audio

Brain Health and Wellness (P. Nussbaum 2003) Word Association Publishers

Save Your Brain (P. Nussbaum 2010) McGraw Hill Publishing

What is the Purpose of My Brain: Spiritual Healing and Salvation (P. Nussbaum 2016) Word Association Publishers

Spooky Action at a Distance (G. Musser 2015) Scientific American

The Big Picture (S. Carroll 2016) Dutton Publishing

The Bible

Aging With Grace (D. Snowdon 2001) Bantam Publishing

The Cruise Control Diet (J. Cruise 2019) Ballantine Publishing