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Brain Health Tour 2021

Dr. Nussbaum to speak on The Psychological Effects of COVID on Education, Learning, and Life at the 2021 Model Schools Conference (6-29-21)

Dr. N to speak for on Living Healthy Beyond COVID-19 at Growth Energy Conference-5-6-21.

 Brain Health Across the Lifespan presented via webinar to Westminster Canterbury (January 2021)

Coping with Psychological Aspects of Covid presented via webinar to Knowledgeable Aging (January 2021)

Caring for myself During Covid presented via webinar for Senior Star Senior Living (January 2021)

Decisions for Assisted Living during Covid via webinar for New Perspective Senior Living (February 2021)

Coping with Covid presented via webinar to Financial Experts Network (February 2021)

Caring for others during Covid presented via webinar for Senior Star Senior Living (February 2021)

Anxiety and the Brain presented via webinar for Senior Star Senior Living(March 2021)

KDKA interview on Brain Health Lifestyle (March 2021)

Nussbaum’s Presentation Draws Large Crowd

Dr. Paul Nussbaum speaks to a large crowd at Belle Meade.



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HOT for Your Health – 11.1
Build a Better Brain – Dr. Paul Nussbaum

HOT for Your Health
11.2 Build a Better Brain – Dr. Paul Nussbaum

Dr. Paul Nussbaum on Brain Plasticity

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